Digital Pool's S.C.A.R Matrix

This is the fundamental approach we take, every project fits into the matrix, it's proven and it works.

Sizzling Hot Strategies, Your digital strategy depends on many factors including some very hot topics, but one thing is for sure, if you do not prepare a specific, ongoing plan, success will depend on luck, rather than judgement. As you prepare to develop your digital presence make sure you do not jump from the fat into the fire by not planning properly. Preparing and developing a strategy that suits your business means certain practical questions need to be answered to ensure you make the right decisions.

Some initial questions?
- Do you have an existing online channel that you wish to ramp up to improve it's return?
- Have you suitable expertise in-house, or do you need outside contractors to handle the job from start to finish, or do you wish to have help in-house that allows your team to learn and eventually take over?
- You have an existing web site that acts as an information tool but now you want a sales channel, you are wondering what is the best and most useful e-commerce route to take?
- You have just built a brand new site need to get traffic and quickly?
- You have traffic but the site does not deliver your expectations, what do you do to ensure visitors do what you planned?
- You have been told only pay for clicks are the way to go, is this true what about Natural Search, banners and email lists?
- You want to assess the usefulness of RSS feeds, Blogs, SMS, Social Networking and Twitter as well as other integrated technologies but do not know who to ask?
If any of these questions fire your imagination or touch a hot spot in your digital plan and you wish for an unbiased Opinion.

Then This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The sky’s the limit How many visitors to your site actually do what you would like them to? If you do not know, or even if you do, and the answer is not enough, then you have not got the conversion to visitors in the ratio right.

Think about it would you expect to have a brochure or worse a catalogue that nobody reacted too?
Nobody asked for more information, or bought anything or even remembered your name?
Well if you do not plan in what you want visitors to do then you are daydreaming about success online. A web site’s conversion rate is the best possible measure of its effectiveness, it is the true representation of succinct success of any web site.

Thousand of visitors are great but if only 10 out of a thousand are your target group, then things are not so well thought out and if only one out of those ten sign up, or buy or whatever you want them to do then you really may as well lie back and count the clouds.

However get the ideas right and then you are really flying and things just keep getting better. It means giving your visitors what they want not what you think they want and Digital Pool can help with a whole host of ways to make that possible. From surveys to competitions, to sign up protocols and privacy, we are able to make your blue sky thinking into reality.

Simply contact us now for a breath of fresh air.


Keeping your eye on the end game - No traffic, or even the wrong kind of traffic, makes achieving real online success very unlikely.

Traffic building takes energy and knowledge. At its professional worse it is a bit of tinkering on the back of a big offline spend. But at its best it can drive just the right people in, who do just the right thing, at the right time.

Digital Pool always increase traffic - ask our clients.


We work closely with the client and their media planners to ensure a spiralling upwards of targeted traffic. We are able to assess media plans and plan and implement Search Engine Optimisation. We constantly assess the ways to build and sustain traffic to your site.


This can include helping you with traffic generating campaigns such as using loyalty schemes, coupons, instant win, and scratch screens. All are possible without having to alter your site. Such powerful marketing tools can bring you the sustained, targeted traffic you require. However, it might be that you are wanting to send email newsletters to business clients and we can help here with all the legal and technical problems, we can even send it out for you. We can even write it for you. A campaign is only as good as the data collected and we can ensure the right data is available in a format that you want.

Digital Pool can really make a difference to your traffic generation. Our team have been doing this since 1996 and we have watched the world change. want an insight into really beneficial traffic into your site, simply contact us now.


Grow successful relationships Investing in loyalty-building features to retain online customers is a sure way to  profits as it costs 5-10 times more to acquire a customer than it does to retain one. So out of little acorns…simply by retaining only 5% of your base you will see an increased profit of 35% against any future marketing spend. However, merely fulfilling basic expectations will not create loyalty.


Digitally focused campaigns need to create a customer-centric bias by engaging in, meaningful, one-to-one dialogues, across platforms if necessary, with individual customers. This approach builds the kind of loyalty that brings real success and significantly impacts on Return On Investment (ROI). As the digital market place matures so too have the use of across platform marketing campaigns, but the main focus is the web and getting that right has huge implications.

To retain your customer or client you should be able to:
Have the ability to use online market research to canvas the opinions of visitors or customers to a site.
Develop a customer opt-in only email marketing database that delivers personalised messages that can be used to cross sell and up sell products and services.

Interact fully with any part of the customer life cycle, including identifying, selecting, acquiring, developing and managing the customer relationship.

Enhance a relationship using customisable newsletters used to extend product and service offers.

This way businesses can manage large numbers of relationships in a true one-to-one style that can dramatically increase ROI.  In the case of public sector organisations this level of accountability has ongoing benefits with traceability and wider access issues. Digital Pool can assist your set up, or even run for you, all the above until you are in a position to take over.

If you are interested in growing the relationships you have with your clients or customers contact us now.